About Us

Dayton Business Technology High School is a conversion charter school located in the heart of downtown Dayton, Ohio.  Dayton Business Technology High School is a charter school sponsored by the Office of School Sponsorship with the Department of Education. 


Student’s First! Is the motto for our staff of talented and caring instructors. The teachers here enjoy the teamwork needed to motivate students to meet the challenging goals of the 21st Century. Everyone has a unique gift to bring to every single student. The teaching staff seeks to give our students the skills needed to succeed.
At Dayton Business Technology we pride ourselves on creating a family atmosphere with high expectations. Students at Dayton Business Technology have a unique opportunity to recover credits, develop leadership skills, create a plan for lifelong learning, and practice community stewardship. We teach our students how to be resilient in achieving their personal and academic goals.


Dayton Business Technology High School, in collaboration with community partnerships, businesses and post-secondary options, provides educational opportunities that cultivate lifelong learners who demonstrate ambition, leadership, and motivation to stay ahead of industry trends and having transferable skills to various industries.


The vision of Dayton Business Technology High School is to craft a holistic learning community that allows individuals to develop essential skill sets in order to thrive in a global economy.

Our Values

The entire school climate is built around the “Be attitudes” and our “Core Values”. These values are Life Long Learning, Stewardship, Leadership and Resilience. The “Be attitudes” are the first step in the students transitioning towards positive, and productive behaviors. They are Be Prepared, Be On Time, Be Accountable, Be Consistent, and Be Respectful!

School History

On September 6, 2006 students entered the halls of Jackson Center with much apprehension and trepidation as a result of not knowing what to expect at Dayton Technology Design High School. They had heard very little about this new school and didn’t know how it would be different from other schools they had attended, but were willing to give it a try. They meet on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday’s until we got it right. All to ensure that we reached the common goal of achieving student success and building character.

Over the years the school has developed a high standard of expectations for the behavior and dedication of the students we serve. Our thriving environment demands flexibility, teamwork, creativity, and embracing what is new, now and in the future. In an effort to better serve our students, Dayton Technology Design High School underwent a name change because the video game design is no longer a part of the curriculum. The school is now Dayton Business Technology High School (DBTHS). Dayton Tech has traveled to 4 different buildings before finding our home of 3 years in the heart downtown Dayton here in the old Dayton Public Administration Building. Along the way Dayton Tech students have done great things.


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If you would like to learn more about the Policies of Dayton Business Technology High School please take a look at our Comprehensive Policy Manuals. 

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