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Pathway Opportunities


Dayton Business Technology High School follows and upholds all standards/requirements mandated from the Ohio Department of Education. Accordingly, our curriculum is aligned with the State Standards. In addition to the traditional high school offerings, DBTHS also offers credit recovery and career-technology courses. We offer students the opportunity to earn up to 9 credits per school year unlike any other school in Dayton.

Benefits of being a Tech Prep school through Sinclair Community College
Tech Prep Classes will…
  • Position students for success in the areas of business 
  • Build relationships with local businesses and universities through each school’s active local steering team
  • Provide an avenue for reaching “honors level” students who plan to major in business or marketing in college
  • Develop courses positioned for weighted (honors) status
  • Create near-college-level courses that may be articulated at each school’s local college or university
  • Answer the question on students’ minds (“why do I need to learn this?”) by teaching academic concepts in the context of real-world business problems
  • Gain recognition for school, teachers, and community as a leader in business and marketing education for college-bound students
  • Provide an opportunity to bridge the gap between the career tech and academic areas of the school
  • Assist teachers in using standards-infused project-based learning by providing complete projects in each course guide
  • Keep faculty on the forefront of business and marketing education by delivering high-quality professional development
  • Actively support teachers and administrators in implementing the program via phone, email, and in-person during professional development sessions


Career Tech

Our Career Tech Classes help to define the knowledge and skills students need in order to be successful in a given career field.

Business Management:

Based on a sequence of courses, students will be able to plan, organize, direct, and evaluate all or part of a business organization (including their own) through the allocation and use of financial, human and material resources.  Activities in which they are engaged include project management, business analysis, quality control, scheduling, procurement and warehousing, and activities related to staffing.  Sample occupations within this pathway include:  business analyst, chief operations office, district manager, master scheduler, project manager, purchasing manager, small business manager/owner, supervisor, human resources generalist/manager, labor relations, manager, recruiter, training manager.


Educational programs in marketing management prepare learners for careers requiring broad, cross-functional knowledge of marketing and management. These functions include supply-chain management, marketing-information management, pricing, product/service management, marketing communications, and selling.

Drop-out Recovery

Students can recover credits. Accelerate earning credits to achieve your correct year of graduation. Credit opportunities include computer work, test-out options, credit-flex, and/or standard classroom settings.

College Credit Plus

Opportunities require an application, entrance exams and approval from school. Students take classes at Sinclair earning dual credit in both the college and high school equivalent classes.