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Student Testimonials

Before I came to Dayton Business Technology High School, I didn’t know how it felt to have teachers who truly care.  At Dayton Tech you meet teachers who actually want you to succeed. The teachers here are willing to do anything they can to help you reach your potential. They are willing to help anyone who is willing to receive their help.

Also at Dayton Business Technology High School, there are many resources available to you. If you are interested in something, and are serious about it, they will put you in contact with someone who can further help. Dayton Tech has different colleges, job sites, and military recruiters come with information that we can use for our future. Whatever you want to do to succeed, it seems like Dayton Tech can help. Another thing is Dayton Tech does many things to help their community. They do many service projects, which better the community, and also you as an individual. Taylor M.

Coming to Dayton Tech has been a huge move from me going to Stivers. This experience, over the short period I’ve been here, has been really positive for me. It has boosted my confidence, and opened new opportunities by coming here.

The teachers/staff are really helpful. They talk to you; encourage you; help you with not only school problems, but also with outside problems. Some of the people that have helped me are Ms. Milliner, Mrs. Tucker, Mrs. Shaw, and Mr. Williams (student teacher). These people are here to push me towards a better future, and are helping me become a better person.

It’s more of a family here than at other schools I’ve attended. That’s something I really do find positive for me. Knowing everyone is here to help, gives me inspiration not to let them down. Maxwell M.

DBTHS has impacted me because I have really changed and turned my life around since I’ve been here. It has changed me and made an impact on me because ever since I have been here my grades, my attitude, and the way I treat others have improved. DBTHS has also impacted me because the staff always has good advice, and tries to help you through your problems. In addition, impacted me because unlike other schools and teachers, the staff at DBTHS refuse to let you fail. They’re going to make sure that they push you, so that you make it. – Natia O.


     My name is Jonathan Winford and I want to share a little bit about my experience at Dayton Tech. When I started going to Dayton tech I instantly felt like I was in a good place, the staff was so supportive and caring. I really liked it because its such a small building so you get individual attention vs having 40 plus kids in one room and only the front row gets the lesson. One thing that really got me through school and helped me to graduate was Mrs. Charlton. There was never a time when I felt like she gave up on me, she was always in my face and on my back letting me know she cared and that she saw me. She isn’t your typical principle who is always in their office, she walks the halls, walks in the class rooms, stands outside at the bus stop. But the thing that I appreciate about her the most is the one on one talks when she pulls you to the side and says “what’s your phone number so I can call you in the morning to get to school”. Dayton tech is a great school and you should really take advantage of what you have because rather you realize it or not you are in a great place. And I will be in closer towards the end of the year to speak to all the students and meeting just for the seniors so take advantage of this opportunity and get to graduation.

        –A Dayton Business Technology Graduate