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If your student is close to graduation please make sure that DBTHS has your Official Transcripts. If you owe money to any of your previous schools we cannot graduate you.


Tardy Policy Update/Reminder

Students coming at 9:01 will not be permitted into the building.  Also there is a change to the tardy policy, whereas, students who have three (3) tardies will receive a Principal’s detention (30 minutes on Wednesday after school).  Following receiving a fourth tardy students must attend Friday School (1 hour after school).  If the student does not attend Friday School or the Principal’s detention they will receive an automatic suspension of three (3) days.  After receiving your fourth tardy, hopefully you will not be tardy anymore, however,  the process will start over counting up to three (3) tardies and then receiving a fourth.
The school’s policies on attendance:  Please read

Student Tardy Policy

●       Student’s first period begins at 8:30 am and they are expected to be in their classroom when the 8:30 am bell rings. 

●       Students will be marked tardy after 8:30 am, up until 8:40 am

●       After 8:40 am the student will then have to report to the PSC (Positive School Climate) classroom until the next period at 9:15 am.  (Students are missing their entire first period class)

●       A student is only allowed in the building up until 9:00 a.m. 

●       They will not be granted access into the building after 9:00 a.m. unless they have a doctor’s note on physician’s letterhead or a court appointment on official letterhead.  Students who arrive past 9:00 a.m. without a physician’s note or court note will be sent home. 

Each tardy is entered into our attendance records.  For every 3 tardies you receive it will be calculated as one absence and thus be subject to the Ohio revised Code for attendance procedures.  For every 5 unexcused tardies students will be subject to a write up that can lead to further consequences.

Class Tardy Policy

BEING LATE TO CLASS DISRUPTS THE EDUCATIONAL PROCESS and will not be tolerated. Students are given adequate time (3-minutes) to move in between classes. Excessive daily tardiness in multiple classes can result in disciplinary action. Students who habitually violate this policy may be assigned any/all of the following reprimands at the discretion of the teacher:

●    Detention with the teacher after school/or before school  

●    Maintenance Duty ex. Lunch, Recycling, School Beautification

●    Loss of points for missed assignments as a result of tardiness

●    Write-up form being submitted to administration

●    Other consequence(s) deemed appropriate by teacher and/or administration 

Cutting/Skipping Class

A teacher will refer a student to the principal if the student is not in class and has not been reported as absent. Any student who cuts class will receive a disciplinary consequence.

Early Dismissal

No student may leave school prior to dismissal time without a parent/guardian completing one of the following:

●       submitting a signed written request

●       submitting a verifiable verbal request

●       physically coming into the school to sign out student.

No student will be released to a person other than a custodial parent/guardian without written permission note signed by the custodial parent(s) or guardian. We will deny requests that we cannot verify. Students who are 18 and over may not sign themselves out of school if they are not an independent student (verification required). 

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