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Frequently Asked Questions

How many students attend the Dayton Business Technology High School?
The DBTHS current enrollment is around 180 students.
How do students gain admission to the Dayton Business Technology High School?
The DBTHS has an ongoing enrollment period; seating is available based upon the number of open positions for each grade each school year. If DBTHS receives more than the open number of completed applications within the enrollment period, students will be ‘wait-listed’ and then selected at random as seats become open. In order to be considered for admissions, all required enrollment paper work must be submitted, incomplete applications will not be considered.
Can special needs students attend the Dayton Business Technology High School?
Yes. Accommodations consistent with Individualized Education Plans (IEPs) will be made.
Which grade levels can students enroll at the Dayton Business Technology High School?
DBTHS is a 10th-12th grade high school, special restrictions apply to a few number of 9 th graders. Please contact the school directly for more information. 
Does the Dayton Business Technology High School use the same curriculum as other schools?
DBTHS’ curriculum and structure closely resembles that of a traditional school. Students receive traditional letter grades and curriculum is aligned to the Ohio Content Standards.
Will uniforms be required for students?
Yes. DBTHS requires students be in full uniform daily.  Students wear polo style shirts that are solid black, gray or purple.  Pants are Dickies style in black or khaki.  Students may wear khaki or black shorts and skirts that are knee length. A belt must be worn at all times.
Will transportation be available to and from school?
No, DBTHS does not provide transportation for our students. Students may utilize the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA public transportation system) to travel to and from school.
What are the food service options?
All students eat lunch in the school cafeteria. Currently all students are eligible to receive free lunch/breakfast. Programs are available to eligible students. Students also have the option to bring lunch from home. Students are not permitted to go off campus for lunch or have visitors bring in lunch.
Will students be allowed to participate in after school sports?
Dayton Public Schools allows DBTHS students to participate in sports activities. Please inquire all sports related questions to the school that provides the athletic program. DBTHS students must maintain weekly eligibility requirements in order to participate in school sports.
Why Choose Dayton Business Technology High School?
The sole purpose of DBTHS is for students to transition into High School Graduates. Our students experience a caring environment, daily high expectations, and a culture that promotes success.  We believe in our students!

All DBTHS educational programs are available to its students without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, disability, and genetic information.