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Why should you send your child to Dayton Business Technology High School?

America is currently in the throes of a persistent high school dropout crisis that has been a long time in the making, with substantial disparities in dropout rates across race, ethnic, and income groups and geographic areas. The absence of new funding at the federal and state level since the 1980s has led to decades of disinvestment in re-enrollment programs across the country. In the current global economy, having at least a high school diploma is a critical step for avoiding poverty, and a college degree is a prerequisite for a well-paying job. The costs of dropping out of high school today are substantial and have risen over time, especially for young men, who find it almost impossible to earn an adequate income to take care of themselves and their families (Center for Labor Market Studies, 2009).


The Governing Board has board members with expertise in various areas of management, education and communication to advise and direct the school’s administrative staff to deliver a quality career program that is innovative, unique, rigorous, and relevant to today’s electronically stimulated young adult. An innovative business driven project based curriculum will aid students in acquiring skills required to demonstrate success in a global and viral economy.


21st Century high schools must help students prepare for careers in addition to graduation.  Dayton Business Technology High School will implement programs  to create a well rounded educational experience that encompasses teamwork, creativity, real world application and meets the high school general curriculum requirements of The Ohio Department of Education.


This program will prepare students for post-secondary success at colleges with a specific focus on business and advanced technology in the workplace.  Students will prepare for careers that are anchored in business and technology; linked to corporate principles of teamwork and offer various options for specialization in the fields of general business, marketing, management, economics, accounting and finance.


Students considering dropping out of high school are not motivated to succeed. Dayton Business Technology High School recognizes the importance of educating “the whole child.” Students will be supported in goal setting, attaining high self esteem, and establishing a sense of purpose to aid in personal development; leading to them becoming productive citizens.


“If we take these steps – if we raise expectations for every child, and give them the best possible chance at an education, from the day they are born until the last job they take –- we will reach the goal that I set two years ago:  By the end of the decade, America will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world (President Obama, State of The Union, 2011)


We want to help your child succeed!  Download the enrollment application and view student documents.  Call 937-225-3989 extension 200 for any questions!