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Welcome to Dayton Business Technology High School!

At Dayton Business Technology we pride ourselves in creating a family atmosphere with high expectations. Students at Dayton Business Technology have a unique opportunity to recover credits, develop leadership skills, create a plan for lifelong learning, and practice community stewardship. We teach our students how to be resilient in achieving their personal and academic goals.

Why should you attend Dayton Business Technology High School?                                                                   

Dayton Business-MER.pptx


  • Dayton Business Technology High School offers nine credits per year, unlike any other school in Dayton.

  • We have increased OGT Performance Index by 23%.

  • 60% of our students attend college within the first two years of graduation.

  • 76% of students remain in college the following year.

  • Dayton Business Technology High School has graduated over 700 students.

  • Dayton Business Technology High School has awarded over 150 scholarships to our students to assist them in earning dual credits at colleges such as Central State University and Sinclair Community College.

  • “A” or “B’ rating in three-fourths of measures in the top 20% in the three of five measures.